Welcome to the New Garden Grimoire blog site !!

My name is Angela, and I would describe myself ( if you  just have to have a label) as a combination of being a Solitary Green & Hedge witch… yeah so….don’t be scared tho, I won’t hurt you and I am not evil. I know it surprised me to!

I finally admitted it for all of you, who have been suspiciously questioning and wondering for the past 10 years on my Facebook page lol… my skeletons have finally jumped out of the closet for all of the public to see.  🙂 If you don’t know what that means exactly you can refer to the post What It Means To Be Green



I have taken the past few years off from my writing, blogging, research and cemetery preservation efforts to raise chickens and work on my gardening skills, but my lovely daughter and granddaughters have recently encouraged me to create a new and lighter subject matter blog about my love for plants, gardening and nature.  They seem to think I need to come into the light for a while, since over this cold and snowy winter, I have been hibernating like a fat bear… haha,……


So anyway, they have suggested that I should do something new and exciting and share some of my humble & limited wisdom and “witchy” knowledge related to plants, gardening and healing powers of plant medicine.   I hope to include some of my research this coming year, as well as my own experiences with growing plants and herbs, how they can be used in cooking, crafts,  magic and healing.  And to share with my daughter and granddaughters and any one else who has an interest,  maybe even give a little peek or two into my own personal and highly secret grimoire.  LOL .

It is my hope to cover a wide range of subjects, from herbal recipes to garden tips. How to grow, store and preserve plants and flowers.  As well as, how to make use of what is grown or harvested, drying and cooking up some good things in the kettle pot. Hehehe!

s-l225                                                                   just sayin…… ;)

I would also like to include some recipe post regarding the making of herbal teas, tinctures and slaves as well as some articles on identifying and harvesting plants, flowers and herbs in the wild.

Heck, I might even toss in some interesting magical stories, history and lore for your entertainment every now and then….. I hope to eventually make some videos to share in the coming spring. …….So, If you have any ideas of things you would like to see on the blog or have questions, tips or interesting information and ideas of your own, that you would like to share or contribute, please leave me a comment or send me an email in the contact section. I would be happy to have some guest contributors.

I hope you will book mark the blog site as I plan to have the web page finished and up and running within the next week or so, I am still tweaking some page set ups and getting ready to link up with my social media pages over the next week.  I am looking forward to kicking off this next week with a post on planting Moon Gardens which I am currently researching and hope to implement into my upcoming spring garden, so I hope you will come back for that.

Thanks for visiting my new Garden Grimoire Blogsite page and I look forward to making this a fun and informative place to visit.Please feel free to share the link with your gardening and “witchy” friends on Facebook and Pinterest or wherever you socialize , you can find my facebook link below in the footer menu….. I look forward to sharing with you all, very soon……Blessed Be.  flowers-background-butterflies-beautiful-87452.jpeg


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